FKK-Zeltplatz Amrum • Inselstraße 127 • 25946 Wittdün • Tel.: 04682 9681555

Please note:

The ASN has requested a partial opening of the campground from June 8th at the Health Authority of North Frisia for permanent camper tents. This application is linked to a hygiene and security concept.
ASN members and DFK members who are interested in a permanent camper season place please send an email to

As soon as new information is available that concerns the possible opening of our place, you will find it here.

Board and management of the ASN

Opening season

The campground is closed.
The campground opens in accordance with official regulations
Season closes on September 15th.


For tents of guests who are not members of the ASN or the DFK, the campground is blocked until August 11th.
Members will receive a campground in any case.

FKK-Zeltplatz Amrum

Inselstraße 127
D-25946 Wittdün
Tel. +49 4682 968155

Amrumer Sport- und Naturistenverein e.V.
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