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Isle of Amrum

Amrum is one of the three geest islands in North Frisia. A diverse landscape of dunes, heaths, marshes, fields and forest characterizes the island. West of the dune belt, the Kniepsand, a former sandbank, has been built. It is one of the widest sandy beaches in Europe.

Amrum’s flora and fauna is characterized by its proximity to the sea and is particularly protected by nature reserves and the Schleswig-Holstein Wattenmeer National Park. The birdlife is particularly rich. Amrum is one of the most important breeding grounds for seabirds in Germany. In the time of bird migration there are huge swarms of birds, which find enough food in the mudflats.

The maritime climate of Amrums is a stimulus climate due to the saline air and the relatively strong wind.

The five villages of the island invite the visitor to walks or linger in one of the numerous cafes and restaurants. The car can be left alone. By bus or by bicycle, all places can be reached quickly and environmentally friendly. Attractions: The lighthouse, the St. Clement Church with the “speaking tombstones” and the mill in the village of Nebel.

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